YOUR vote matters. YOUR tax dollars must be handled by an experienced professional. YOUR time deserves respect with quality customer service. 

YOUR Auditor's Office serves YOU in four essential departments:

Elections:  YOUR vote is YOUR voice and every vote matters. I will provide secure and fair elections to assure that YOUR voice will be heard.

Accounting:  YOUR tax dollars matter.  YOU can trust an experienced professional with a track record of proven leadership to assure efficiency and effectiveness.

Licensing:  YOUR time is valuable.  I will respect YOUR time by delivering YOU outstanding customer service with convenience and efficiency.

Recording:  YOUR critical documents will be recorded accurately with streamlined processes.  It's important to YOU - so it's important to me.

People:  YOUR government serves YOU.  I will put people first.  What can I do for YOU?

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It really is about YOU....YOU need an Auditor with relevant experience, a qualified skill-set, and an outstanding work ethic.

Please vote Mike Urban as YOUR Skagit County Auditor.